Monday, January 03, 2011

Santa's and chicks

Christmastide doesn't officially finish until 6th January the twelfth day when we remember the wise men bringing there gifts. Theres still chocolate santa's at a reduced price on the shelf... so I thought I was caught up in some strange time warp when I went into Tesco's to pick up some flu meds to find a shelf full of chocolate bunny's eggs and cows... I was glad the lady next to me also stopped looked and exclaimed surly i'm seeing things.. It wasn't just me..

yes the manger and the cross are intimately woven together in our history without there being christmas celebrating Christ with us God taking on human form that He may draw us back to himself there would be no easter no offering of new life through the cross... We do remember this at christmas in the making of the christingle the red ribbon that represents that sacrifice...

but chocolate chicks on 3rd january 2011 this was a little bit too early for me... 


  1. I was talking to someone yesterday who said they had gone to the local shop on boxing day.. they had mimi eggs on sale :S