Friday, May 20, 2011


I had to laugh tonight, the boys were round to watch a movie and a meal.. they've had a rough week it's exam time two doing  their leaving exams and one his A levels.  We had gooey BBQ food and cola. the funniest thing was my bears on top of the sofas I have bears a dog and a mouse I had to go upstairs and get another one these guys fight and then sit and hold them while watching the film.

when we first started to meet 18months ago they would come in and sit still quiet be so polite ask if they could leave the room...

now well they steal the bears walk in and out and treat here as home... they are still so polite :)

I love too that they tell me what they want recently we had tortillas for one of the boys it was their first time and had so much fun trying to make them. I asked before they went what things they would like the next time we meet the answer from this boy those things again :) 

so the next time we meet during the school holidays when they're coming over for a film marathon. where gonna make food together not sure what my kitchen will make of it but I'm sure it will be fun 

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