Tuesday, May 24, 2011

no more heroes any more

This was one of the headlines on the news feed of one of my e-mail accounts today. To be honest seeing that title was really very sad " no more heroes any more'' Heros where there when I was a kid I know I had a few Terry Butcher and Stuart Pearce, Edmond Hillary, Jonathan Edwards (the triple jumper), George Mallory and Andrew Irvine and of course The Doctor ... But really no more heroes any more thats a scary thought. 

There were others too, if you look back in history just a few years the answer would be  the local police officer, fireman or teacher for some it would be a train driver, a capt of a plane or ship. Maybe the likes of, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King,
 Neil Armstrong or Pele, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, JESUS?

There was a song that speaks of this wanting a hero The world is looking for a hero  the opening verse 


The world is looking for a hero. We know the greatest one of all. The mighty ruler of the nations King of kings and Lord of lords. Who took the nature of a servant. And gave his life to save us all

The news feed was pointing to the fall of yet another fallen hero who it has been claimed had been unfaithful to his family. It's coursed a great deal of interest in the UK in the media and in other places. What has really come to surprise is how the UK has respond to the claims and to the life of a hero. It wasn't all that long ago when the National team coach striped a player of the captains role due to his unfaithfulness.. It seems that though as a country we accept a lot of things there is still something very distasteful in being deemed unfaithful.

Are there really no more heros any more? what does that mean then for the patches we live in? for the young lives that are in those patches. Who are the young lives looking up to if there are no more heros the villains? those who will lead them in the wrong directions?

It is a hard question but one we need to answer and not just in light of the title of the new link. It's a serious question for all of us as potential Heros rolemodles mentors, whether we think we are or not.. what way of life do we by our actions and words show to others does public and private show the same thing.

we all look for heros in some way, a rolemodel, mentor. Not to be like them a carbon copy as it where but a person that inspires us by there life and action. Paul in new testament urges people to follow his example in life as he tried to live a life that reflected Jesus...

Can I can we do the same, if not what needs to change for us to reflect the life of Jesus and point others to him. To a hero that won't fall that is never unfaithful...

The Lord Almighty is our hero
He breaks the stranglehold of sin
Through Jesus' love we fear no evil
Pow'rs of darkness flee from him
His light will shine in ev'ry nation
A sword of justice he will bring

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