Wednesday, May 11, 2011

midlands calling

My patch is off for a few days today- in four mins actually last cuppa and checking last few things ready like wheres my tickets...

I'm off for a retreat not my normal activity and something i'm not really all that fond of. I know that they are good and many people find them useful but I do struggle with them and more often found them a waste of time.

but today I am off to newbuildingsfarm in Derbyshire with the youth team from Leicester who I will be joining in the summer...

ok signing off now


  1. "I do struggle with them and more often found them a waste of time"

    I would be interested in a) why and b) what kind of retreats you've actually been on

    might it be that you've simply be on the wrong kind of retreat (or an organiser on one rather than having the space and freedom to respond to God in an 'away' setting?) just a thought

  2. Maybe some of this will be answered when i get to posting about the days away...

    I don't like organised retreats I know that.. I do struggle with them.. being stuck inside being talked at or having to sit in a room doing nothing. I don't find that helpful. I end up looking out the window (if there are any you can see out of) wishing i was out. then spend my time planning a escape.