Saturday, May 07, 2011


I called a recent post "replanting" I spoke about a time of repotting replanting. Its something that you need to do to a potted plant every once in a while. if you don't it will struggle the roots will grow out of the pot... try wearing shoes too small and you'll get the idea of how the plant feels.. sometimes a plant will stay happy in it's pot for many years others will need to be changed more often. 

In the previous post I mention that the little patch of vauxhall that has been my patch since october 2009 will be left behind.  the patch will become home for someone else. and I have been looking and praying as to where God is looking to replant me. 

Well two weeks ago I went for a interview at St Annes and All Saints in the Parish of Scraptoft and Netherhall in Leicester and this will be my new patch from the summer. 

I will be the Children's and Youth Missioniar 

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