Tuesday, May 31, 2011

up from downe

Over the bank holiday weekend I was away with the 75th Lambeth scouts/cubs. It different a little from normal camp as we took the scouts/cubs families too... it was a great chance to get to know parents better and the younger brothers and sister everyone joined in with chores and the activities that were available... bouncy castles.. grass sledging... circus skills.. crafts a talent show silent disco yep you read that right a silent disco which was fun everyone has headphones on and can chose between tracks was very funny to watch....  and of course you can't have a scout camp without a campfire. It was tinged with a little sadness as it will be my last camp with the 75th though I do have a invite to come back and help i hope I get the chance.. what I really love about the scouts is the opening up of activities that many of the youngsters would not normally get to do.. like the wood, craft pioneering skills learning to cook on open fires.. its the things that often I've taken for granted we had a coal fire at home and would help to light it collect sticks for kindling and chopping the wood to smaller sizes. its the seeing the expressions that come when they get the fire lit or cook the meal get the bridge built getting cold wet and sleep deprived is worth it just for that... 

theres more photos over on my photo blog...

one of the cubs learns to stilt walk

 One of the mums in deep concentration
 The district commissioner try's a unicycle( with much encouragement from a group of onlookers - ok so we were all in fits of laughter)
 Sparky goes grass sledging
The DC gets covered in food (akela in the making ) at the talent show 

all in all though a little cold at night good fun was had by all and the best bit the cubs feel asleep in the car on the way up from downe 

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