Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meerkat or Opera

Meerkat or Opera 

That was the question at the start of one of the best sermons I’ve heard for a while on Sunday.
I was at Westminster Central Hall (photo here) for the Gathering: ‘Opera and Oratorios’. We heard Haydn, Handle, Mozart and Fauré

It may come as a surprise to some who know me well that actually I love Opera and classical music I’m not one for Boom, Boom, Boom. Though I do like a wide range of Music. It was wonderful evening with Hymns peppered in along side Interviews (testimony) with members of the choir. 

So back to the sermon Rev Martin Turner was doing the concluding words to the evening he went on to talk about how the opera singer ad is for go compare
and the song says about saving money ( which he sung to us.. I use the word sung lightly but the bible does say about joyful noises so I guess God was smiling). The light heart of the opening was brought to a much more meaningful and deeper level and the actual impact that ‘Go Compare’ can have on our lives.
He went on to speak about how if we try to go compare,

With God then you wont save anything with Christ. For following Christ
It will cost you
It cost God

The only way you save is by choosing Jesus and it is his saving grace.
He challenged at the end if you have stepped away from a living relationship with Father Son and Holy Spirit then go, go compare your life now and when you were close to God and choose HIM again.

And the challenge for those if you never had the relationship with God then go compare the life that he is offering and the promises He gives and choose HIM
I Haven’t done Martin justice here… but I hope the challenge and meaning hasn’t been lost 

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