Sunday, June 26, 2011


That's the ratio of people per vacancies in Lambeth My current patch falls in to the borough of lambeth (read here)

Region       Unfilled Vacancies    Total Jobseeker's              Ratio
                                                         allowance Claimants  
Lambeth              932                       11.799                           12.7

it put's us in the top 40 of the table for the worst place to find a job in the country London as a whole tops the list at almost double the national average

Region       Unfilled Vacancies     Total Jobseeker's               Ratio
                                                         allowance Claimants    
London              22,401                     226,182                        10.1

it's hard reading and with the population of lambeth being one of the highest in density in the country  and the council looking at selling more land for housing things set to look to continuing to be as hard. Much of the housing many of those in the community i work with would only dream of owning.

I joked today with a friend who had to find a home in the area when her husband relocated here just after I did they have two small children and that the price for my new house to rent in leicester was really expensive we both laughed as she knew I was on a wind up. My two bed house with a garden frount and back two big bedrooms is cheaper per month than the council rented flats in my block..  And is for many of the places to rent a short walk away the same as you will pay a week.

I do wonder what will be the outcome for this patch over the next few years and for those who I have come to know. Some of whom I know work two jobs to make ends meet.....

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