Sunday, June 26, 2011


I like walking round village fetes and visiting them... well yesterday I was on the other side and was one of a team of helpers to run the north lambeth parish fete... Theres not many parishes that would get such a fantastic place to put up the tea tent than we do here.. the gardens of lambeth palace....

it did start with a bit of er well a possible problem as the team rector and two or the vicars were pulled over as they had ran out of room in the car and two other helpers had jumped in the very large trailer for the short trip between the church hall and the parish..  not long after leaving they were pulled over by a police van and 8 officers got out... and had a bit of a surprise to find it was vicars they had just stopped..

we found out this little tail during the sermon today from one of the guilty party :).......

it was a good day and the rain held off lots of visitors and conversations were had...

and the guides smoothys went down a real treat and used guide made electric to power the blender

and the scouts did well on there hoopla game

and the spot the real wine

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