Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love smoothies and a favourite place of mine is a little kiosk on the south bank just past lambeth bridge. I didn't know that tonight the Guides were going to be making them either was very funny watching and yeah the leader got to join in and make them too :)....

But why do I write about smoothies.. well I was out today with a friend and walk past a bookshop and book really caught my eye.  

So I picked up a copy. The recipes look really good and easy to make one or too will be nice on a could winter night I'm sure... 

What I would really like to do is to do what I've come to call prophetic eating a term I picked up with a church planting team in manchester when I did a placement with them. It's not just about eating heathy much more than that.... There is that in there too...  This isn't something new in my thinking I did my BA dissertation on the use of table fellowship in church planting.  

This isn't new thinking in the Old Testament food plays a important part in the life of Israel and in the life of the people of that time to share a meal and then back stab the person was not taken lightly.  

There is one story that really stands out though that is the story of daniel who taken in captivity refuses to eat the fine food of the King and asks the official in charge of them instead that he and his friends eat vegetables and water the the official is scared that if these four are not in the same health as the others in his charge then the King would be angry at him.. after a discussion they were given water and vegetables and after a short time they were fitter than those who ate the Kings rations..( Read here) God blessed them.

What if we,not necessarily eat a vegetarian diet but ate in a way that is prophetically healthy both in the way of budget and balanced eating in fellowship.

It's something that I would like to do with a group of young people children or those who come to be part of a meal. 

at a kids club/youth club to give not fizzy drinks or cordial but a fresh healthy drink that they help to make.. may be even grow some of the ingredients in a edible garden... maybe only the size of a window box but something they can aim to grow and be introduced to.

what message would this give to those around us around me... It's not a easy thing to do I know how bad  I am for not wanting to cook when I live alone... But it's not the point to put it into place when know one is here for supper is the challenge that this isn't just what is done for others but is a way of life.

 I began thinking again about this way of eating when on sunday we had a feast with the children at junior church there at the international congregation in Turku (godlyplay) the parents sent a very different set of foods than I would have expected here in the UK. They sent fresh fruits, peas in the pod, bread sticks there wasn't a sticky cake or crisps  or chocolate in sight. and not a single complaint from the children in fact they loved it.. (see a photo and more here)

It's not about dieting or watching watch we eat but about choosing to bring balance. It's about healthy choices ( I'm a chocoholic and so I'm talking to myself here too) and giving time to meals and not using them just as fuel-stops almost in the style of formula 1 pitstop. 


  1. I hear you ...

    photo of some of the food

    the kids brought

    fresh peas
    fresh strawberries
    a bag of cookies
    a box of bread sticks

    I provided
    tuna sandwiches
    a few salty fish and mini digestives(for the story)
    fresh melon

    The kids brought their own juice (in a carton) and one chose water as an alternative to that.

    There was no chocolate, candy or sweets, cakes (cupcake or other kind) and this was not because it was prohibited ... it was a clear choice by all of us.

    Usually the feast at jr church is a cookie and 2-3 grapes or a cookie and a savory cracker. The week before however we each had an inch square chocolate cake with a candle in it. To celebrate the birthday of the church (Pentecost).

    Simple is good.

    I like what you wrote here. Would like to model the same ...

  2. Thanks for this, seems I missed your post about the feast not sure how though. Have linked your post in now :).

    simple is good and think that some times we over complicate things. Depodding the peas almost playing with the food makes it fun the hugh pile of empty pods ( not just on my plate) shows that it isn't nessacery to have the sugary cnadys and cakes...

    and the few biscuits and fisheys that we shared went with the theme of the sacred story.

    I wonder if I could use the old allotment that belongs to the church to actually have that edible garden and then use the things we grow to make some of the drinks in the book or other ones