Thursday, June 02, 2011

repotting underway

I'm getting to know St. Pancras station and Leicester station really well now. Though I'm not so sure right now about the statement they make on the how to get to St P  part of the website 
St Pancras International is one of the easiest stations to get to in central London with direct links to 6 underground lines, mainline trains, cycle parking facilities and an on-site multi storey car park. Please refer to the links on the right hand side for more detailed information on how to reach us by your chosen method of transport.
Hmmm only if they work together sometimes it feels like the many parts of transport for London (tfl) are working like magnets and repel each other.........

Each time I've gone recently something has gone wrong almost missing the train 3 times and missing it once  due to problems with the tube. The last time when I did miss the train I'd left early very early with the plan of going for coffee. My train was at 9:15am and at 8:35 was still in vauxhall as the victoria line was down.. Hopefully nothing will go wrong tonight though I'm not 100% sure how to get to the bus stop I need to get to my new home :S oh well theres always a taxi :)


  1. had no problems this time...

    Got the bus sorted though at that time of night the only one gave me a long walk home.....