Monday, June 06, 2011

new home

I'm not much for silence and stillness.. But spending the time in my new home with no internet no tv in fact it was very like being on camp. When I got there late Thursday night all I had was what was in my rucksack and my camp bed. I did have my ipod and had some music but forgot the attachment for the speakers so only had my headphones...
 I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I think it was in part as I was cleaning and preparing my new home... the house had been empty for a while and so had too gather all my strength and courage to clean as there was a spider convention taking place welcome in the garden but not in my home. so this is my little house 

relocating is never a easy thing but moving from a furnished to unfurnished place in a different part of the country is even more fun... but it's gradually coming together and friends and family are lending a hand... Thanks to one friend I have a convection oven come microwave ( if you know how to work one please leave a comment on how as I have know idea) Bedside tables arrive soon as does a cabinet for the living room and I have a dinning table and chairs... and my new fridge-freezer arrived on friday morning... things are slowly coming together...
spider free livingroom :)

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