Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Over the last term the scouts have been making their own mosaic pictures from little squares of coloured glass. not all were into it not all enjoyed it but tonight those who wanted to were able to put the finishing touches to theirs.

I helped one young scout who was making his name. to see his picture come alive was great to be part of.

mosaics little tiles making up a bigger picture when your close up all you see are the small squares or whatever shape they have been cut into to fit. but step back step away and look and it opens up a whole new view.

thats why we need others around us on our journey through life sometimes we can all get caught up in such a narrow view we fail to see the beauty of whats opening up before us. as the old saying goes " can't see the wood for the trees''

how we lead others to see the beauty in themselves or maybe how we are led to see it in ourselves need to be done with wisdom and gentleness. coming alongside spending investing time in someone or even a place.

again i'm back to what if what if the body of christ saw past the car the clothes the smell the hurt the money and saw the precious creation that dwells within and see with the eyes of the master what would that do to my patch - your patch vauxhall, lambeth the towns and villages where you live.. for the people you walk past picking up the pace as you do..


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