Thursday, June 23, 2011

A week away

I got back from a week in Turku last night and had a really wonderful time though the weather didn't want to co-operate with our plans at times we just changed things slightly.. It was great to be back in the city that  is the former capital of Finland and as a joke I heard in December said " Turku was the capital of Finland while Helsinki was still just six mud huts " theres no love lost between the two cities.

On one day when the weather did behave we walked along the river aura and past the tall ships mored there..

I love tall ships and it was great to see two in a few yards. I really wanted to be in Turku this august as the tall ships race is coming again as part of the european capital of culture events..  

a bit further along the river is the sigyn which is the last wooden bargue in the world and she's a beauty though in this you can't quite see that 

We didn't get to sail on one of these but did go on the isabella overnight with viking line through the Finish archipelago to Sweden and had a wonderful breakfast as well left sweden and out to sea. 

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