Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bedknobs, broomsticks and house elves!!!

That's pretty much how the it's been since sunday afternoon...

I came down with some sort of summer flu over the weekend :(... waking sunday morning with a very hot and sore throat not helpful when your preaching and it being a assessed service for my local preachers corse reaching sunday I was so thankful that my voice held out. ( me with no voice for some would be a answer to prayer before anyone thinks of commenting)

Unusually for me I spent the yesterday in bed mainly due to my house elf ( a friend who's visiting for the summer), and watching in between sleeping Harry Potter.

I'm not one for taking time off and had a sign in my last office that read

Don't Phone in sick Crawl in Dead

 and another that read 

if I can breathe I can work

one thing that made me smile was when one of the professors gave Harry Chocolate when he felt weak after coming into contact with dementors ( prison guards from Azkaban) at the beginning of the third film and something he does throughout the film, 

Jokingly I asked my house elf  if I could have that when I felt weak and tired too I got a smile and a dark chocolate biscuit.

Sometimes as with the chocolate we don't always realise what it is we need, being told to eat chocolate that first time harry was confused, 

being told to go lie down, to be woken up with fruit or a drink, a meal made,  having the bedclothes washed and changed when suffer with fever by a friend was so very much not how I would normally have tried to cope with a fever

That the little things have been done for me and I'm not the best patient , Thats been so good but yet so hard, to accept. none of it was asked for, non of it was implied but out of love it was given. 

Time to go back upstairs again

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  1. banished upstairs for REST and RELAXATION ... now there's a thought :) oh and yeah more HP !!!