Friday, July 30, 2010

Tales from cubs' camp in /near Glastonbury day 6

Day 6 (Friday) homeward bound

We arrived home at 5.30ish today - more or less on schedule :) after travelling back via Stonehenge.

The last episode of Dr Who was filmed at Stonehenge. This was the second site this week that has had a connection to Dr Who  Wookey Hole Cave was where the doctor (David Tennent) found out he was going to die.  Since many of the cubs are Dr Who fans (like me) it was pretty exciting!

I've always wanted to go to Stonehenge and now I have! It was busy - too many people to be honest- and I'm a bit sad that I never got to go there when I was the age of most of cubs, because nowadays when it's a site of national heritage you can't get up close to the stones and touch or climb on them. That would have been great!

Hearing the commentaries through the hand-held device about Stongehenge, its history and its people was very interesting. Though the original reason for Stonehenge has long been lost, some of the myths and legends surrounding it (alien theories, the devil and /or Merlin in the time of King Arthur) were fun to listen to.  It was interesting to be there at this time as it's only recently been announced that another henge has been discovered nearby. (link to BBC site on new discovery )

We were all shattered when we got back ... the leaders probably even more than the cubs (who were still hyper!) 

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* My Patch's author is semi-comatose on the sofa in spite of having been revived by numerous cups of tea. Must be time for bed!

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