Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dust Sheets & Scaffolding

A large green looming chrysalis was what greeted as I was arriving to my new flat in October... Major works were being done by the council. Waking up you don't extpect to see anyone outside your bedroom window when it's on the 6th floor and took a little getting used to.

For those in the flats here the work was very welcome... old windows that frames had warped and no-longer shut. Replaced with modern double glazing. The fun was having them replaced. My windows arrived in January ( just after all the snow) they were late due to vandules steeling the steal changes that ran the lift attached to the scaffolding...

It was freezing.... all was going well the frames went in well untill the final central window was about to go in... There was a knock on the living room door.. "erm excuse me".... You know something has gone wrong.. "we have finished but...."

You guessed it the window had broken. instead was a wonderful bit of wood!!!!!!

Windows in at last :) 6 weeks later and the difference was great- new window finally in.. and when the gas bill came £100 less than the last bill...

that's good news for many of those who living in the same building on incomes that already low have to make things stretch further during the cold spells... £100 per quarter makes a big difference.

Today the finishing touches are being done... last week the scaffolding came down and the new building emerged completely... there's a difference in the place today the dust covering had kept the light out and that had a effect on those living here.. Simple small things have changed this week... There's less litter in the lifts.. and around main doors... people are reclaiming there balconies. Hanging baskets are up..

I can feel the difference.. Even though it was just 6 months of the covering I had deal with.. the scaffolding had been up over a year.. the dust and noise is no more....

let there be light....


  1. and the hinge that didn't work, and the asbestos door that had to be removed ... yes these renovations were great to have done ... better still now they have been finished and as you said the LIGHT is seeping through

  2. Hmmm... They seemed so little in importance compared to the window!!! it's a strange thing they way which we put in order the things that are mountains or mole hills in order of problems and importance..