Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That garfield feeling

When it comes to mornings I tend to find myself in the same mould as Garfield.. I HATE them. I have a mug that was brought for me a few years ago with just that sentiment.

I dont have to say the the mug is well used. 

I've tried many different things to get up and why in part I decided to go to the parish prayers. It is something I have to get up for a starting point for the day ( and being honest I don't always manage it.. what is great depending on how you look at it is that there is more often than not a question the next time I'm there about where I was.

This evening I checked my email and found this 

Morning is God's way of saying: 
"One more time Live Life... 
Make a difference... 
Touch one Heart... 
Encourage One Mind.. 
And inspire one Soul."
A few years ago I did a bible study over about 6 months looking at Mornings tracing through from the Old Testament through to the New. One passage still stands out to me from exodus 16 about manna and quail. though it is speaking about the grumblings of Israel in the desert against the Lord its this one passage from verses 6-7 

The passage that set off my thoughts the first time round, Many of the great hero's of faith have spent time in the early hours of the day spending time with God. Mark records in his gospel that 

is this a gentle reminder to change my day around, not having the just 5 more minutes then diving out of bed and round to the Church building just in time for 9am. even on the days when I'm not swimming. 

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  1. erm we didn't make either prayers OR swimming today ... and missed both!