Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tales from cubs' camp in /near Glastonbury day 3

day 3 (Tues) Wookey Hole

Wookey hole is a cave system that has a strange tale of a witch and a priest. A woman (who the villagers were afraid of) lived in the cave. She was deemed a witch, and so the villagers sent for the priest (to exorcise her) ... the story tells that he followed her into a deeper part of the cave until he found some water. He took some, blessed it, and started to sprinkle it around when he heard a scream. Later a stone figure was found in the cave.

What struck me was that hundreds of years on, we still act like that. We have the same sort of attitude to people who don't seem to fit in. All too often they (the misfit) are seen as the reason that things are wrong, and they are made the scapegoat.

I found myself challenged today and want to challenge you too ... Ask yourself whether your actions (and your heart attitude) are more like those of the villagers than the hand and heart of Jesus.

(posted by the resident house-elf who was glad of a heavy shower tonight here in London - it's so much cooler now!)

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