Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Door to door !!!!

Tuesday has become one of my favourite days for two reasons door to door and cubs. 

Yeah you read that right Door to Door, when I first came to my new patch I new no one. As part of my job description I was given the task of making links with other community groups. 

So having been shown round the patch by one of the Anglican Ministers i picked up the file from the office and began to ring round introducing myself and seeing where links may be made. The team from London City Mission was one of the groups that links have been made with. Each tuesday we go out into the community going from door to door introducing who we are are getting to know the community. 

It's been a amazing and humbling time, as people open up the homes and lives... today was just that as we spent an hour talking with a lady who's family are suffering right now, praying for them as we spoke and a word that we would continue to pray.

There was time of joy hearing of one lady who was met on her door step a couple of weeks ago, who had just received a letter that she had a job interview, one of the team had offered to pray for the job... He forgot all about it and met her on the street, her words to him
"you prayed and I got the job"

I never thought i say that door to door would be something that i enjoyed or looked forward to doing. On many of the mission week that I was on as a student or with other teams working with churches door to door always seemed to be a stop gap, that thing that was put on the timetable when no one knew what else to do with the team it always seemed a waist of time.
I wish I new then what I do now
Yes it still puts me on the edge of my comfort zone, but the relationships that have opened up through a few words on the door have been worth it.

What is the hardest part is the follow up, that going back a second time. This though is what has made such a impact on many we speak to, putting action to our words. Not just going once but making a point to go back and talking listening to their story, letting them tell there stories is so important. 

one such story today made us all laugh, a gentleman was telling about his new little dog, but how when he was walking his old dog a fireman asked is ...... house down here ( most of the blocks of flats in the area are called something house ) yes he said and joking said it probably mine on fire... yeah... ouch.... when he got to the block it was his flat that was a blaze thankfully there was mainly only smoke damage in the kitchen. He had us all laughing as he told many a tale....

Coming back on a tuesday afternoon I more often than not feel I've been blessed more than being a blessing.

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