Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A New Patch

This time last year the college year had just past and as with many others had just graduated with a BA(Hons) in Theology from Cliff College . And that great summer past-time for new graduates the finding of a job.....

Finding where the PATCH that was to be mine would be. And thats where the title for this blog comes in... MY PATCH, and from the parable of the sower . Jesus here speaks about different types of ground that seeds fall on when sown.......

October 2009 the new patch of ground... was to be in South London... Hmmm a Midlander moving into the sound of BIGBEN and PARLIAMENT . It had never crossed into the thoughts of actually moving to London... North Lambeth Methodist Circuit.... and living in Vauxhall, on the site of what was the old spring gardens

Vauxhall- view down the street...


  1. wow

    you sure surprised me with this today. Hope to read lots of little snippets of the Kingdom of God in London through a sort of Northerner's (grin) eyes

  2. I sure like the name of your blog!