Friday, July 30, 2010

Tales from cubs' camp in /near Glastonbury day 5

day 5 ?

How quickly time passes! It doesn't seem a week since I was packing to go to to camp. Tomorrow (Friday) we leave, and head for the 3hr-ish journey back home to London. We're going via Stonehenge - a place I've always wanted to visit :)

Today was the beach and swimming. Yay!

The cubs made their own Tor and St Michael's tower

We travelled over to Burnham-on-sea. The cubs made a bee-line for a hovercraft sat outside its house, and fired questions at the man standing by it. They were Burnham HoverCraft Search and Rescue , and the cubs got to sit in the larger rescue craft!

What was really interesting to me was the brass plaque on the hovercraft house. 

It had been build in a mere 72 hours during a programme called Challenge Anneka- a programme that I often used to watch! To see that house - sixteen years on  - still standing, still in great condition, and providing valuable lifeguard cover on the coast - was fantastic. You don't always get to find out what happens to these sort of things, and today this really touched me.

(Posted by the resident house elf, who is heading to bed after a fabulous day in the west end with Godson and family)

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  1. good reflection in the brass plaque - shows YOU were there! :D

    thanks for sharing the photos too