Friday, July 23, 2010

Putney And Plums

It seems a little strange taking your day off when most of the week has been spent doing very little due to a  virus. Feeling much more like myself I really just needed to get out of the flat. So with a friend we headed by train to Putney about 10-15 mins away.

What I love about Putney is that they have some great charity shops and we spent a hour or so just wandering through them. Then headed down to sally's @ St. Mary's for coffee and cake which is always good :)..

Then over Putney bridge and through the Bishops gardens and along the river to Craven Cottage home of Fulham FC.

The walk took a little longer than it should of when we spotted plums/damsons in the trees just ready for picking.. 

and not for the first time this summer picking wild fruit became a distraction. Where I'm living there are scattered around  apricot trees and cherry trees...

They all tasted very very nice.. We joked that stolen fruit tasted so much better than from the supermarket. We joked that even Eve understood this....

There being so many berries and fruit still on the trees, or on the ground going to waste makes me ask many questions.

In many countries today (and for me when growing up in the midlands) the summer tradition of going to pick the wild fruit, then washing and baking them, with memories the kitchen smelling of warm sugars, glass jars ready for the wonderful sweet liquid to go in) is still part of the culture. 

We are told that we are in a time when we have less disposible income that people are not spending... yet at this time that there are still vast amounts of fruit going to waste in a small area leads to a thought that we may have tighter pockets right now but even in this.... in the unpicked fruits and berries ... well it  shows me how well off we really are.  In days gone by these would have been picked as soon as they were ripe!

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  1. PIty we couldn't get to the apricots ... this was a FUN DAY out on your day off though. Glad you are feeling better.