Friday, April 29, 2011

eve of the wedding

I had to go just to say I was there.. just to see... to hear... to be part....
It was a long walk 2.5 hrs stopping to talk to people and just take in the atmosphere it seems the whole world has its focus on a small patch that I can just about see from my window... I can hear the helecopters flying over head and see the sky lit up by the many lights.
so I had to take the short walk over to the other side of the thames to see.. what was going on.... people I haven't seen so many people out and about at 930pm in I don't know how long... Oxford street on a saturday had nothing on Parliament Square or The mall. I chatted with people from Australia, Canada who waved their flags and sat chatting with them for some time after geting a photo of them camped out, North of Scotland, Wales saw flags and messages from Cuba, South africa, oh and even a guy carrying the cornish flag... and stopped to chat with a group of guides from Streatham who offered me a place to stay with them over night.... but alas I had to decline... as I told them my kingsize bed was calling me home... 
people decked out in red white and blue...walking along the mall singing I'm getting married in the morning was a amazing atmosphere to take in.  People just wanting to be part of something special  enjoying a time of hope and joy...
even the London eye tonight is not its usual blue or green or purple but is a hugh red white and blue ring that looks great against the dark sky.
later I will go down to the street party in vauxhall and properly watch the wedding on tv.

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