Friday, April 22, 2011

The globe

I'm still not sure really what I had expected last night going to the globe to hear three books of the bible read Esther, Job and the Psalms. 

To hear the word read in a semi dramatic way ( I say semi dramatic as it was through those reciting own engagement that made it dramatic) it was more than just being read there was a real engagement it was truly to be part of the story. We I think has lost something by no longer being a oral community we write down our stories and really if ever tell them.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening I loved the way that Esther came alive and the psalms job was the book for me I wasn't to worried about missing but was en captured by the recital. But the Psalms that was for me worth more than I can really begin to share. 8 people recited I loved the way in which the two actors above all most egged each other on to say greater things of the Lord. There was sarcasm and desperation love and hate. 

It was a dangerous occasion too dangerous as to think that as this version created to be recited to be heard was a gateway for the masses to have the word to hear and meditate on. That as parts of the psalms came up you found yourself joining in with the spoken word. 

How much more is there in what took place this Holy week.. As a friend reminded me today how great that the word of good has been proclaimed over the capital of this nation this week.

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