Friday, April 29, 2011

street party

This was great I wondered down to the street party and met up with friends we ate cake and sausages cooked by the local butcher and his team..

what was great about the past few days is how everyone came together there was a really feeling in the community of hope celebration and joy... the weather has helped in this...  I've found it very different in London that people though often friendly when you get to know them don't talk in the street or at the checkout ( a few brake this idea) which I've been used to in the midlands and north. so to walk and be greeted in the street and people doing life together instead of alone behind there front door bring and sharing food together laughing and joking with new friends has been fantastic..

but it has left me with questions...
questions of why the church isn't part of this bring the community together in more ways... why not just as  seeing it as a event to get people into church but to be there doing life together with the communities we live in.

Jesus was about with people he picnicked with them, the biggest of all street party's and one boy with bread and fish supplied the food. What if we took this approach to life and journeyed with our committee through life. not just with those we connect with but with all of our community those who live under the railway bridge and those who live in the big gated house. what if we lived as Jesus called the church to live.


  1. you've changed the lay out ... it's a bit difficult to read some of the stuff on the sidebar but I do like the look!

  2. I haven't worked out how to change the side bars yet but working on it.. Yeah I wanted a bit of a change saw this and thought it was like posting on the garden shed :)...

    Thanks for the comment that you like it though :)