Wednesday, April 27, 2011

up and running

Today I managed to sort out my mac (not my winter coat or rain jacket but my laptop) I backed up an erased the hardrive reinstalling just the information I really need.
How good would it be if we were able to do that... wipe out the things that we don't want to remember those things that went wrong mistakes or things we have picked up over time that weigh us down and have a fresh clean slate.
well heres the news it is possible this past weekend is the reason its possible.... God made it possible for each of us to have a fresh start with him our sins forgiven a fresh new start. 
what wonderful news for all of our patches...
that God would take these old broken clay pots called our lives and make them into something remarkable in Him 
my mac will only know the all that was in it's memory if I reinstall it- the memories we have may not be taken away but he will redeem if we would let him.
just a thought....

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  1. I like the analagies you paint here ... thought provoking.

    To add my 2c worth

    It IS possible to have a new start (every day!) ... but we must also be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit by falling into the trap of the theology of free grace.

    By that I don't mean that God's grace and mercy aren't free ... they are ... we don't deserve them, and his grace and mercy are extended freely and with compassion BUT following Jesus does have a price, and that price is chosing to put on the new and forsake the old (and live life accordingly)

    Our sins (wrong choices things we do and fail to do) will still have grave consequences in this life - and sometimes we really do still need to work hard on reconcillition with people, and also get help to change old patterns in our lives ...BUT the good news is that forgiven sin no longer has the possibility to separate us from God and it frees us to be able to allow His Spirit to work in us for change in us.