Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm sunday

This week starts and finishes with celebration yet the week itself becomes more contemplative as we close in on Maundy Thursday and the striping of the church  and good friday. this week sees two walks in the parish today we walked from two of the churches to a joint celebration at the third. friday we walk from the imperial war museum to waterloo station in silence as we think and pray out way round stations on the way and hear the passion read.

we sand Hosanna and give me joy and ride on ride as we walk in the sun palms waving and a white pony leading the way
Short service to start the walk outside St Peter's Vauxhall
Walking up Kennington Lane
 Inside the church with perugin ( courtesy of vauxhall city farm )
Celebrating in the SUN as we closed the time together outside singing we are marching in the light of God 4 churches today met together as one a LEP ( local ecumenical partnership methodist /CofE) Methodist church and two CofE we broke bread together too I love this aspect of the north lambeth we come from many traditions within the church from many countries and languages oh for a thousand tongues to sign our great redeemers praise today a small glimpse of that was shown who wonderful it is when Gods children meet together to celebrate HIM and HIM alone.