Thursday, April 14, 2011

Phantom of the opera

Ok not quite but a similar mask is being worn.
Phantom hand mask
Last week in a moment of madness I managed to brake my hand. Since then a rainbow of colours has greeted me over the past week. ( ok that's two west-end shows refered too in just a few words should stop there I think (over the rainbow is a show about Julie Garland) )

I mentioned in a earlier post that I had been on my MA week during the week we were asked what happens when we loose sight of God my friend tapped me on the arm.  A innocent jester of teasing or something much much deeper when we take our eyes of god wether as a disciple or as a community it is then that we start to wither.  Wesley comments in his sermon on the wilderness state (sermon 46)

4. With loss of faith, and love, and joy there is also joined, Fourthly, the loss of that peace which once passed all understanding. That sweet tranquillity of mind, that composure of spirit, is gone. Painful doubt returns; doubt, whether we ever did, and perhaps whether we ever shall, believe. We begin to doubt, whether we ever did find in our hearts the real testimony of the Spirit; whether we did not rather deceive our own souls, and mistake the voice of nature for the voice of God. Nay, and perhaps, whether we shall ever hear his voice, and find favour in his sight. And these doubts are again joined with servile fear, with that fear which hath torment. We fear the wrath of God, even as before we believed: We fear, lest we should be cast out of his presence; and thence sink again into that fear of death, from which we were before wholly delivered.
I'm not sure which really comes first but do understand what wesley is saying. It is easy to slip into that place where we loose peace.. for what ever reason that may be loss of hope and peace is something that is a day to day reality not just behind the front doors on the estate but behind the long gated driveways of the rich. 

Theres many reasons why  we end in a place that we loose faith, and love, and joy and peace.  How do we get back to the place of having our eyes on jesus is what matters. it may be through seeking forgiveness from another and Going to God in prayer. It may mean letting others those mature and trusted into you life to hold you in prayer to challenge and guide to help you focus again on the truth on God's truth that then stops the dripping tap that ground you down. 

Are you am I  willing in your patch to be the person to come along side and be that still small voice to another, or to be at times that rush of thunder both are needed but wisdom as to when is needed to. 

Are you am I willing to let another be the voice of truth and let them speak in to you my life.....


  1. good to read you thinking and mulling this over ...

    am I .. are we ... ? :)

  2. Not a easy sermon to read...

    and not sure I totally agree with how he comes to some of what he writes.. which will help i guess when it come to the academic side of of why I'm reading this.

    it's not going to be one of the easiest things that I have done over the past few years.

    But it's not about the easy way is it...