Monday, April 18, 2011

Love wins......

There's been a lot said and written about the contains of Rob Bells latest book Love wins... I haven't read it yet have my copy on the desk in a pile of to reads. I had a ticket for a evening with rob bell tonight at westminster central hall, I missed the first part of the evening as I was returning from viewing a new patch in the midlands but I did get there to here the questions and answers session...   

Something that stood out in all that was said was a image of what a leader or pastor should be doing first and for most.

Rob used the image of the emergency information given on a plane. That  you always put your mask on before helping anyone else. 

that is the same with out spiritual lives we need to be spending time first with God, that we don't get burnt out or work from a place of empty.

I really like that image of the plane safety it really challenges though... what does it mean for those in my patch when you try to put there mask on while not wearing on first and slowly being suffocated.

what would it mean in our churches is pastors (or whatever term your denomination uses) worked from  this place....


  1. good picture he painted

    what if ...

  2. What a great illustration - thanks for sharing!