Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Around My Patch, Docks!!

I've been stuck at my desk for most of the day today escaping twice for parish prayers and for a walk to take my daily shoot photo.. I decided to walk along part of the Albert Embankment that runs just behind where I live... The tide was in and you could smell the salt in the air...

When I first moved here there was a strange structure being built and at the beginning of the summer was there for all to see..

It was the site of the old docks that supplied access to the themes for a pottery firm... you can just see the old building in the back left of the shot.

The dock is the only one left at that is down to lost paperwork years ago.. at low tied you can still see where some of the other inland docks where along the bank...

whats interesting for me is the history of the dock and on one wall you can still see the remains of a painted sign reading E.W.S which was the emergency water supply and was painted there during world war 2

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