Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A very Big ouch too.....

Most people know that I really hate Medics and tests more than I hate those eight legged things that invade my bath or sink...

And I'm Not the best of patients either....

Last night was know exception to that...... As one of my colleagues put it 
 " I hear you  have been fighting with tarmac which is never a good idea :) "

I feel off my bike while waiting to cross the road " don't ask"

I've been so blessed here in my patch with people from all different backgrounds and christian traditions.. What never Stops to truly amaze me though is the heart of the church here.. That at 930 last night so many people we willing to come out and stay with me.. one sitting in A&E until 12:30am when I finally gave in to the fear and discharged myself... others who brought my bike home and others who rang or sms'd to offer to bring tea and sympathy ( or to make shaw i stayed off my foot) others who though they are not in the area have sent text messages asking how i'm doing. 

It's a reflection of what the church does at its best reaching out taking, care of... it's not the first time I've been on the receiving end of this heart when I moved here I was suffering with fever and had many offers of soups and meals and shopping to be done for me.. at the time by strangers who now have become so wonderful friends.

the Bible speaks of entertaining angels unaware in this week lectionary ( Hebrews 13) and NO I'm no angel... and it's not a closed heart each winter the churches together get involved with the Robes Project.. providing shelter and a hot meal for homeless in south london over the winter months in the church 

Waiting at St Toms another  A&E to add to the list of ones I visited....

No real harm done though a bit of bruised pride a cut up sox  and sore foot :)

again a real big thank you to all those who gave a hand last night.....

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  1. glad you are ok ... even if you are a terrible patient ... what a lovely testimony to being part of the body of Christ that people have shown you love and practical help ... for me readig this restores some faith in church