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That is the theme for Sunday

This hangs in the lady chapel of one of the anglican church every morning I sit and look at it. Until I came here last year I hadn't seen the image... I love it the warmth of the colours the sharing only one cup or bowl is present.  
My dissertation last year was based on Jesus meals with sinner: table fellowship in the 21st century. 

the introduction to the paper is this 

There has been a rapid decline in the use of the family meal table throughout the latter half of the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first century. In May 2005, after a series of different contributory factors
had been highlighted by the British government as causing the increase in the ‘yob Culture’ found within society, the disappearance of the traditional family meal become the main focus.  The 2004 National Family Mealtime Survey, found that only
20% of those asked sat down to eat together just once a week or less. The poll, by parenting organization, Raising Kids, found that children often had meals alone in their bedrooms while watching TV or playing computer games. Of those who did eat together, TV was the preferred dinner guest, with 75% eating while watching it[1]
Thus, as part of the Queen’s speech, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II stated ‘My Government is committed to creating safe and secure communities, and fostering a culture of respect.[2] This was attempted, in part, by the tackling of the issue of the family meal, along with other new initiatives that were introduced. 

It's a interesting place to begin that to tackle the difficulties in family and community the use of the meal table was one of the places that organisations began to look at. 
I wonder what would be the impact if the community of believers began to eat together regually opening there table to the community, that all may come, 
it would be a lot of work, but to have the service based on a meal together even once a month now theres a challenge.

around the meal table many things take place the building of friendship,  of meeting. within the gospels context it is a place  is a place of welcome forgiveness, hope, restoration, Repentance, salvation and justice of acceptance.  The meal table is a place of an  ‘acted parable of God’s unconditional acceptance’[3].

[3] W.C.K. Poon, Superabundant Table Fellowship in the Kingdom:
The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Meal Motif in Luke,’ The expository Times Vol 114 (2003), p. 227.

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  1. reading a GREAT book right now Leonard Sweet's Nudge. He mentions table fellowship .. and I thought of you :)