Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily shoot - more than a bit of fun

for those who don't know the daily shoot is daily picture challenge.. each day a new one is published (here). My Photo blog 365-mypatch I try to take a photo where possible that reflects my patch.

Eyes of Faith photo challenge

Eyes of Faith photo challengeThis photo shoot challenge was started by Lorna and eija. Lorna wanted to start a photo-a-day blog and that idea evolved into challenging others to find God’s Kingdom through their lenses.

Today's challenge was 

As I took this outside where I live I started thinking about how we here in the uk and many other places in the west have so easy access to fresh clean drinking water. And good sanitation. 

There has been an advert on tv here this week by water Aid, that uses a kids song in such away that it hits home.. the words are a bit unpleasant the impact is much more so.

4,000 children die, every day

That’s three children every minute of every day. They die because they don’t have proper toilets, so many have to defecate wherever they can. Faeces contaminates everything they touch, eat and drink, causing deadly diarrhoea diseases.

It's not our problem, is it .... What struck me is that it is.. there are many in my patch who's families aren't  in the west but live in villages or camps or other places where this is a constant fear, 

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