Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How High Can You ...? pt 2: the answer

How high can you get a pile of books 

before they fall over?....  That was the question I was asking when working on my essay and feeling like i was being buried under books.....well i just found out :)

Had to think about the shot in the library in Ghostbusters with this....... and yes they were wobbly 

all fall down :)

back in the box till the essay is sent off.. all the sticky tabs have to be removed from the college books and sent back. Not quite celebrating yet as a friend keeps reminding me it's not finished till it's handed in to the marker and it becomes their problem!

Not sure how good the paper is.. whether it will meet the grade.. It's been a long hard fight to write the paper ... the first one I've done as a part time Post Grad student ( me doing a post grad course still seems a dream!) I guess whatever happens with the paper. I've learnt a lot....

the paper title "what have the means of grace got to do with the mission of God?"

Reading wesley's means of grace sermon, thinking about that over the past few weeks one thing I want more than ever is that deeper relationship with God... and to be used by Him to open to those in my patch and see His grace already at work in their lives, without them knowing it!

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