Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fits like a Glove!!!!

Looking back at some of the things from camp....

Somerset Rural Life Museum 

I mentioned in a earlier post about the visit to the museum one of the temporary exhibits was based on gloves. 

Glove Affair!

Glove-related art, including garments, hangings, sculptures, animatronics and writings, all on the theme of gloves and their symbolism in history, art, literature and romance. South West Textiles Group Touring Exhibition. Textile demonstrations.

I really liked this, gloves are not my thing I'd rather have cold hands than put them on. This drove my friend mad in january when I visited Turku Finland, most of the time outside was spent by her telling me "to put you gloves back on" it was well below minus 20!!!

The artist wrote about the work that she liked words and finding words from different places. Glove works well.. So I took a close up of two...

Finnish and swedish as that is what many of my friends speak

while taking this one of the younger Cubs came to talk to me and the glove picture came into the topic. This cub is from Poland so we looked through to see if the polish for glove was there. and found it.

What was wonderful about this time was just talking and listening to the Cub To learn from each other he became the teacher for that short moment age no a barrier. As he explained how to pronounce the word, it took a few attempts for me to get it. His no it this not what I was saying made us laugh what also was good was that I didn't know that actually as with other words they were spelt slightly wrong. He did give me the right spelling but that was a week ago.

Looking at this just reminds me of my patch, there are many different cultural backgrounds that come to form the patch work that is my patch here in north lambeth in the community and the Churches. So much so that talking to a lady from a church in the next Circuit they have 40 different languages and nationalities present in fellowship there... Wow..

What a rich tapestry that that is 

how does the Wesley Hymn go 

O for a thousand tongues to sing

My great Redeemer’s praise,
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of His grace

In many schools and libraries here in the uk there is a poster that says welcome in several different languages.The idea of this has given me a idea for our church here in North Lambeth Parish and Circuit to do the same for us  using a word or phrase that we can show just this unity and joy in fellowship from the many languages that we have. 

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  1. handikas ... not sure that's really a Finnish word :) you'll have to ask eija!