Thursday, August 05, 2010

Around my Patch, Home


Over the next few days I want to give you a little tour of My Patch.. 

Where better to start than where I am living. 

This is a far cry from what the block of flats looked like last year when I moved in. This was taken by a friend about two weeks after the scaffolding came down. I mentioned in a earlier post that there had been a big difference in the feel of the place since then. All the work has finally been finished those last little bits that needed touching up.. 

I don't know what it was like to live here before the work started.. but in my flat having the new windows and doors has made a huge difference. 

The internal corridors are lighter and brighter as are the stairwells. 

What has been great to see is the new families who moved in during the last few weeks and the other children on our floor playing in the corridor in the afternoons. 

Durring what I think was a Birthday party recently a envelope with a card and sweets was pushed through the door. A thank you from them, they had been very messy and noisy all afternoon but had clean up. It was a nice touch from these younger neighbours.

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