Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Disappointment,Frustration and Looking back

Ok so yesterday didn't turn out quiet how I had expected.... Disappointment and frustration for the last day of my house-elfs visit before scotland and then home , oyster cards went crazy ( and have just got back from trying to explain that there WAS something wrong with the card and getting my deposit back after it played up AGAIN today) , unhelpful sales assistants, un-customer service, mad swimmers (who thought they owned the pool). 

but it was redeemed, we ended up at the Victoria and Albert Museum, but still things were not going to quite smooth as we had hoped...

My friend had read an article that there was a Greta Garbo exhibition taking place. we got there and asked at the desk only it turned out to be of Grace Kelly – and it was sold out. 

There is always something at the V&A to refresh and soak in and we looked round one of my favourite rooms which had had some new bits added to since I was there last.  Through the Large stall at the back leads to a alter and a great presentation about the piece. 

And wandered through other rooms that were new. and out into the garden and fountains. there is at the moment a free exhibition called 

1:1 - Architects Build Small Spaces15 June - 30 August 2010

and part of this is out in the garden this building really caught my attention along with the video presentation that went with it. 

to see more about the tree here

On the way home we caught the tube and had to laugh at a scare-gaurd opposite where we had boarded the train.  

It would have been and is very easy to see yesterday as a waisted day, plans gone astray. We can fix our hopes on many different things and get let down by them, yeah my hands went in my pockets and I was miffed. It would have been very easy to spend the day like that.  

But you  know I had lunch with good friends, and got to see their gorgeous twins who are about 3months old now and was the first time I seen them. Had supper with the house-elf :) and talked. ( you can read my friends thoughts on the day here) so many little things made yesterday a great day. 

What we chose to focus on matters it guides where our thought actions and feelings go. Thinking through yesterday yeah there were disappointments, frustrations looking back there were so many positives so many things to be thankful for and to thank God for.

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