Sunday, August 15, 2010

travels to iona 1 & 2 update

two bus rides,
two long train journeys,
two boat trips,
two short walks
oh and a night in a hostel in Oban ...  we finally arrived in Iona and the most amazinly views!

before we left we bought salmon sandwiches from the the shop just to the right of scotland in the banner was amazing if your ever in Oban its the place for lunch. though you may get asked to put crabs back into there cases as they try to escape ( can't fault them for trying when there friends are in fancy dress)

Coming towards Iona from Mull the Abbey is in the centre 

Stepping onto the island toay was a dream come true. The reality of really being here is really something for me! When chatting on the way here with a friend I realised what I want from the week away. I want to let my soul catch up with my body. That's what they say in Africa after a long journey (like ours!). Today, sitting in the quiet of the abbey, I started to understand that for myself ...

(posted by the non-resident house elf who also wants to pilgrimage to iona someday!)


  1. capital of Scotland? ~~ confused!

  2. The banner reads

    Oban Seafood Capital of Scotland