Tuesday, August 17, 2010

travels to iona day 4

When we (finally!) got here on Saturday we were told a story about the wildgeese of iona. Apparently wildgeese only ever stop off at iona for a few days, a few days of respite. I can relate to that, as I guess can the thousands of other visitors who come here to what is reportedly the first Christian shrine in the United Kingdom. (hope I got that right)

The story of the wildgeese returning year after year to rest on their long journey continued to speak to me today.

Wild Goose Publications is the name of the publishing house of the Iona Community, which is "established in the Celtic Christian tradition of St Columba", and produces books, CDs etc.

("Now I know why they chose that name" says the little house-elf who wrote this post for My Patch! )

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