Sunday, August 01, 2010

Save life - Recycle

While on Camp I posted about the Burnham HoverCraft Search and Rescue.

While there I picked up a couple of envelopes for recycling. 

If you're anything like me by my printer is a box of old cartridges.... I try to where possible recycle (though it is confusing as somethings that were recyclable in one place aren't recyclable in others Grrr) so these envelopes were right up my street ... And more so that they were for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

I've always had a fascination with the work of the RNLI after staying in Caister just outside Great yarmouth on the East Coast of England. And the story of the brave crew of the Beauchamp in 1901.  a responce at the inquest to the disastor has 

In 1988 I was able to go out on one of the Caister lifeboats after going to the open day and my Gran winning a trip out in the raffle. It was a truly amazing experience.

We think more often that recycling is "doing our bit to save the planet" but there is more to it than that...

With these little envelopes the printer caridge is worth up to £3 for the RNLI

so if you're not into getting them refilled, then get a envelope. The number to do is free 

0800 091 0696

And for those living in or a round burnham ... Got a old mobile phone? drop that into boathouse......

So save a life- Recycle 

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  1. great idea ... can just see you riding on the wave of the lifeboat :)