Wednesday, August 18, 2010

travels to iona day 5

on pilgrimage tour Tuesday ...

There are around 250 people living on the island of iona, which is the size of my patch (the parish of North Lambeth)  but with about half a percent of the population (the 2001 census shows there were 45,981 people living in My Patch!!!)

meeting up at St Michael's Cross ready for the pilgrimage 

The path we trod today here on pilgrimage on iona took us past

St Martins cross
Cross Road
Machair Common
St Columba's Bay
Loch Staonaig
High Point
Hermit Cell
Oran's Chapel

(more on each place to come)

It was a bit overcast ... and there was no mobile phone signal the whole day

(so that's why this post is so late, whines the resident house-elf posting the update at well past her bedtime in Finland!)

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