Monday, August 09, 2010

How High Can You ...

get a pile of books?

Today my patch hasn't been all that big. In fact it's been my dinning table I'm still trying to write a essay for my postgrad course. And  even my little friend Huey has gone back home ( my minister's dog) 

what I'm thankful for though are birds, views and facebook

The question in the title of the post well that where my mind wandered to  ... I wonder how high will the pile of books that  I'm using get before they fall over ... if they weren't needed and open on pages I need I'd probably have tried already! Maybe once the essay's over i'll try it and post :) watch this space ...


  1. giggle ... you ARE silly sometimes :D

  2. Yeah..... But when being buried alive under books having a creative way to go seems like a positive